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Laser Engraving Vs Sandblasting

What is the difference between laser engraving and sandblasting? 


Laser engraving is a computer generated process which has a laser beam that drills and chips away into the surface to remove the top layer.  You will find that with laser engraving, the surface is rough to touch and the design can appear rough and unclear.  Laser is excellent for large quantities of glassware, acrylic, plastic and metal engraving.  


Sandblasting is a manual process where a film stencil is placed on the surface and the uncovered area is sandblasted.  This results in exceptionally sharp, crisp and bright engraving with a smooth finish.  This process is permanent and will not fade over time.  We only engrave our crystal and glass products using the sandblast process as we won't compromise on quality.  


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