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From Jacqui, David and Pat Campbell

About Sandstream

Sandstream artisans specialise in sandblasting, laser etching and hand-crafted personalised gifts.  We supply a range of quality glass trophies and awards, corporate and personal gifts, as well as promotional and motivational items.  Choose one of our standard designs or by combining your idea's with our expertise, we will create a distinctive and long lasting item for you to cherish. 


We guarantee your shopping experience with Sandstream will be enjoyable and professional, resulting in total satisfaction and ensuring a memorable experience you will want to share with others.


At Sandstream, we love what we do. After 20 years of doing what we do best, it's you that keeps us doing what we do. It's our customers reaction whether it be a smile, a "wow", even an "oh my gosh that is amazing!" It’s the tissue box moments when we all have tears of joy over a memorial piece or something really close to your heart. 

The techniques of glass artistry haven’t really changed over the centuries.  It is pretty simple; erode glass with an abrasive, or heat the glass to manipulate it. Over the last 20 years, this process has advanced and with them, so have we. The early days of hand cut stencils and burr engraving are far behind us and with the evolution of photo resist film, the finest details can be achieved. Photograph etching, intricate logos, the quality of work surpasses laser engraving.

Digital printing on glass is the best it’s ever been with high quality images seamlessly bonded to glass. Any image or design you can think of is achievable, the possibilities are endless.  In addition, with the advancement in the paint industry, you can now achieve the most amazing finishes from glossy wet pearl finishes, brilliant metallic’s, sparkled, not to mention the ability to choose any colour you wish.

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