106 Mort St, Toowoomba, QLD 4350

About Us

History and Us

Waaaay back in 1994 Norm, Pat, David & Jacqui Campbell all worked the 9-5 in the corporate/retail world.  The 4 of us made the decision (about 3 months in Jacqui’s first Pregnancy) that we wanted the freedom to choose how and when we worked that best suited our family.  So the logical choice to open our own business was very appealing.  20 years on it’s proven to be the second best decision we’ve ever made.  Having never missed a school Easter pageant, sports carnival, cross country and the list goes on. We have the most amazing relationship with our children/grandchildren we could ever have hoped for.

You might have guessed by now that family is important to us.  When we’re not playing in the sand and dust you’ll usually find Norm in his man cave laying tracks or tinkering with model trains, keeping out of Pat’s hair while she immerses herself into a book with a splash of white wine or trekking to Brisbane to enjoy the company of her Big City grandkids.  Jacqui is a homebody spending her time planning the next renovation or creating beautiful scrapbook memories.  Meanwhile ADHD David will be on his mountain bike in the bush of the escarpment with his #1 son or with son #2 at the bmx track/skate park.  Sometimes he sits still long enough to play some guitar or maybe plan his next car rebuild with his #1 daughter at hot rod shows.


What makes us different....

When we were asked to write this section we were asked to include what makes us different from our competitors.  We could waxy lyrical about our customer service our quality workmanship etc.... But today’s consumers shop around and chances are you have too and if you find yourself in our showroom or online shop you’ve seen firsthand what makes us different. (Congratulations by the way on a brilliant choice, you’re very intelligent.)

A little glimpse inside the world of glass’s dirty.  Yep we sandblast glass, work in toxic kiln beds, grind glass, so its dusty work. Do Not Wear Black!

We work in an uninsulated shed! In summer its +45 degrees in winter its 0 degrees, we stand all day, it’s not what you would call a comfortable work environment by any means.


So what do we love about what we do?

All the best bits take place in the showroom, in your home or business.  No one would work in those conditions for 20 years without some kind of reward right? Right! it’s you, yes you that keeps us doing what we do, you see it’s your reaction whether it be a smile, a ‘wow’ even an ‘oh my god that is amazing’!!. It’s the tissue box moments when we all have tears (of joy) over a memorial piece or something really close to your heart.  That’s the payoff, that’s why we do what we do! That’s enough reason for us.

The techniques of glass artistry haven’t really changed over the centuries, it’s pretty simple, erode glass with an abrasive or heat the glass to manipulate it.  However in the last 20 years things have really advanced and with them so have we.

The early days of hand cut stencils and burr engraving are far behind us (although on occasion...) with the evolution of photo resist film the finest details can be achieved.  Photograph etching, intricate logos the quality of work surpasses laser engraving.

Glass manufacturers too have steamed forward with the most magnificent pieces now available to work on, with new shapes and concepts continually being updated.

Digital printing on glass is the best it’s ever been with hi res quality images seamlessly bonded to glass. Any image or design you can think of is achievable, the possibilities are endless.....

With the advancement in the paint industry you can now achieve the most amazing finishes to glass from glossy wet like pearl finishes, brilliant metallic’s, sparkled not to mention the ability to choose any colour you desire.