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Custom Glass Splashbacks FAQ

What are the Benefits of Glass Splashbacks?

There are no grout lines to worry about which means less cleaning time and better hygiene.

When is the best time to get a measure and quote for Glass Splashbacks?

We can come out - Once your kitchen is completely installed (benchtops & rangehood) & the electrician has finished
all the wiring.

What about power points and cut outs?

We need to work out exactly where the power points (refer above) and cut outs are when we measure and order. Once the glass has been ordered and toughened we cannot make any alterations.

What colours can I have?

We can colour match to most Dulux colours. Metallic colours are matched as close as possible.

Can Glass Splashbacks go behind gas hot plates?

Yes they can! All splashbacks are toughened to Austrlalian Safety Standards and can withstand heat up to 400 degrees

Do I require fire retardant board behind my gas burner?

Splashbacks must be a minimum of 140mm from the nearest gas burner to the surface of the glass splashback to comply with Australia Standards. If the distance is less than 140mm a fire retardant board must be installed before installation of the glass splashback. If you have an electric stove you do not need to worry about fire retardant board.

How do I measure for a quote?

Rough measurements can be emailed through using the diagram below, then we will give you a rough price. If you would like to proceed with the quote we will come out and do a final measure and quote.

What’s involved with the installation?

It takes approximately 15-20 working days from measure & payment of 50% deposit to installation time. An average instal takes about 2 hours.

Where else can glass Splashbacks be used?

There are so many places for splashbacks...Its only limited by your imagination! Kitchens, Bathrooms, Laundries - wet areas, Table Tops, Feature walls, Balustrades, Shelving