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You’d be surprised by the difference in quality between Etching and Engraving.

Sandstream specialise in high quality abrasive etching. This method enables a wide variety of effects which can be used with the finest of crystal to the largest window panels. It allows the creation of artistic designs with consistency and very fine detail. Some different effects that can be achieved with etching include: 

surface etching - a single step process of sand blasting the glass to 100% density on the glass surface. 

carving - a series of deep cuts are made in the glass over an extended period and under high pressure, giving you a stunning 3 dimensional image. 

shading - a complex multi-stage process similar to airbrushing which produces detailed images with apparent tones of shading throughout the design. 

Most glass companies don’t have the expertise to offer etching. Instead, they offer laser engraving, because it uses an automated process that is cheaper and easier for glass suppliers. Laser engraving is computer driven with no personalised craftsmanship required. The effect is created by a laser roughly chipping away at the glass. Engraving is limited to surface marks of dots & lines only; it can not be used for more artistic results like carving or shading.

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